John Cena Hooked Up With These Super Gorgeous Girls

Who doesn’t know the famous WWE wrestler, John Cena? Well, in my opinion, even the non-wrestler fans know him well. !

John Cena, being the face of the WWE, is like a modern day Hulk Hogan. Why that so? well it’s because of his popularity in excelling the universe of professional wrestling.

Besides his 15 world titles, fights, appearances in movies, he is also famous for his affairs. John Cena has acquired a reputation for being a ladies’ man, as he is deemed to dated a number of women including the Pornstars. Yup, you read it correctly!

So without any further ado, let’s check the list of hottest women with whom John Cena dated.
Kendra Lust

A French-Canadian adult star, Kendra Lust has appeared in over 140 films till date. If we believe the rumors, she is the main reason why John Cena and his wife got divorced. Her leaked photos of holding up a championship belt confirmed the contentions of dating with John Cena.
Maria Kanellis

Maria Kanellis is no stranger to hooking up with her peer wrestlers. Most of you might be knowing that, before tying the knot with Michael Bennett, she was in a relationship with CM Punk. Her name added up with John Cena after they were seen kissing each other at the backstage during the WWE Raw.
Mickie James

Five-time Women’s Champion, Mickie James has also earned a name in the world of modeling and acting. However, her relationship with John Cena was quite controversial. According to Kenn Doane, John Cena’s divorce with Liza was the result of an affair with Mickie James.
Lisa Marie Varon

Marie Varon, also known as Tara or Victoria, is still one of the hottest women in all of the professional wrestling. Though she has been wedded to Lee Varon for over 20 years, many believed that she had an affair with John Cena.
Kelly Carlson

THE MARINE, Kelly Carlson, John Cena, 2006, TM & Copyright (c) 20th Century Fox Film Corp. All rights reserved.

After the adult scene from the movie ‘The Marine’ with John Cena, it was rumored that they are in a relationship. However, in an interview, John Cena said that he didn’t hook up with her, but he wanted to. Well, at least he got to make out with her on-screen, and that’s like partially hooking up, right?
Kelly Kelly

If we believe the Wrestling World News, John Cena and Kelly Kelly (another name, Barbie Blank) were seen dating one another even after Kelly’s break from the WWE. Kelly Kelly was also previously linked with CM Punk and Andrew Martin.
AJ Lee

Wife of CM Punk, AJ Lee, was the top Diva in the WWE before retiring from professional wrestling. I am not telling this to praise her, but, indeed she has won Divas Championship three times and being labeled Pro Wrestling Illustrated’s Woman of the Year three times in a row. Throughout her career, she was the love interest to many wrestlers, including John Cena.
Nikki Bella

Nikki Bella is John Cena’s current girlfriend. The two have been dating since 2012, not long after Cena’s divorce from his wife.
*FYI* Nikki Bella has been wrestling with her twin sister, Brie, since 2007.