Jennifer Aniston reveals her secret for an incredible body

We commonly look at celebrities and think: how do they manage to have that incredible physique? Later, we say that maybe it’s because they spend every day in the gym, but the truth is that they also have good eating habits, just like Jennifer Aniston does.

At age 47, the actress has an enviable body because she performs the exercise routines with the trainer she shares with Gwyneth Paltow and Madonna, but her secret goes beyond fitness. Jennifer feeds on porridge. Yes, like the ones that babies consume.

A detoxifying feed

Aniston began to eat porridge in 2010, as part of the diet her personal trainer Tracy Anderson provided. This diet was developed as a detoxifier with which you can continue to consume the foods you want, as long as you make sure that they are foods previously chosen to puree.

Baby Food Diet

In the US diet is known as Baby food diet and its main objective is that the person who performs consume 14 jars of baby food a day to replace meals, except dinner, because in the latter you have to eat Dish with meat and vegetables.

In addition you have to incorporate some supplements such as fruit smoothies, pureed oats and pears, to lower at least 3 kilos.

Is the diet good or bad?

Although most people differ in their effectiveness, they recognize that porridge often has detractors. Chef Anthony Warner mentions that eating a porridge does not provide the same nutrients as adult food. In the case of babies, it is especially focused on providing the necessary nutrients, since infants can not grind food on their own.

According to Warner, the diet does not provide enough energy, carbohydrates, proteins or fiber for an adult. It could even lead to diseases such as anemia and low bone density.

before attempting any diet, consult a nutritionist its benefits and consequences. Maybe what works for some, other people do not.