It was not just a beautiful piece of Versace. Michelle Obama’s dress has a story behind

It was not just a beautiful piece of Versace. Michelle Obama's dress has a story behind

Michelle Obama and her husband, President Barack Obama had the opportunity to conduct annual dinner last been a couple of days ago. The dinner is held every year in Washington DC and attended by different authorities in other countries. Clearly it is an opportunity to have fun, get dressed up and, of course, use diplomacy as a key tool to prevent or bring one better political another conflict.

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Every year Michelle Obama looks great and captivates with his words and this year, of course was no exception.

The First Lady wore a dress Donatella Versace , apparently, carried a hidden message that not everyone had managed to decipher. According to the New York Times , the design is unique and was created by Donatella Versace especially for Michelle Obama on this important occasion with a mission to deliver a powerful message: remember the strength of female power . The dress seemed to be an armor, and at the same time, let Michelle moved comfortable and confident everywhere.

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The design was raised by Donatella itself as a nod to women’s freedom:

“Freedom of movement, freedom to fight post their ideas, freedom to be who they want to be.”

Of course this has much to do with his recent speeches, especially when referring to the candidate Donald Trump who with his chauvinistic, violent and sexist ideas , has left without words to hundreds of people who, horrified, hope he does not become the next President.

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This is what the first lady commented:

“I must say I hear all these things and feel them so personally, and I am sure that you also especially women. The comments that make us ashamed of our bodies, how not our ambitions are respected and our intellect , the belief that you can do anything you want to a woman. ”

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That’s why her dress was so important, because more than a fashion choice, it is a way to use fashion to go further and to make a statement on a subject to which we can not be indifferent. It is a way of remembering that although our bodies are seen as objects, they are not , and it is in our power tofight to be seen as subjects and not as objects.