It is called Tammy and was the only woman in the world to reach expected “concert” Beyoncé

It is called Tammy and was the only woman in the world to reach expected "concert" Beyoncé

Tammy is 34 years old and is a woman like any other. According Buzzfeed , she loves music, especially pop and idol of all time is Beyonce. Therefore, he did not hesitate to make the savings he had intended to buy a car when he learned that the muse had scheduled a concert at Wembley stadium, England. “I’ll take the bus for the rest of my life if necessary” , he said and paid with credit card. Missing 3 months for the singer perform the show and Tammy’s lived with great anxiety.

He kept his picture under my pillow, listening to “Single Ladies” before sleeping, and even asked God to give him the chance to meet. Perhaps backstage or something. Yes, Tammy was a true fanatic.

They spent 90 days and, when he finally reached “the night of the concert,” Tammy took the subway with her son and husband to the stadium.

I -¡Veré Beyonce live! I thought immersed in an unmatched euphoria. I closed my eyes, he imagined singing his songs in the audience and felt her heart was pounding. Suddenly the train stopped at each station and Tammy came down with her husband and son.


They walked a few blocks and when they reached the stadium, they realized that there were many people on the street. Or at least not all the people who should have if it was filing a superstar likes of Beyonce.

Nerves Tammy grew and began to suspect that in fact this was a private concert for her and her family. She imagined entering a VIP lounge stadium and taking a seat on a black leather sofa while the artist danced and sang only for her. Champagne, sushi, thick cigars and stuff . Then, returning to reality, he feared that he had forgotten the tickets at home.

No, I have them here. He said clearly feeling them in the pocket of his pants.

Suddenly, and almost at the front door, her husband hesitated too. 

Tammy, there ‘s nobody here. ‘He said. Are you sure it’s at Wembley Stadium and not on the other side of town?

-Segurísima. ‘She said to the confused look of his son. Look at them yourself if you want.

The husband took the ticket and saw that, indeed, were in the right place. However, the same fate as the day.

-¡Debes Be kidding, Tammy! ‘  Said her husband. – Do not you see the concert yesterday?

Tears began running down the face of the groupie.

-Are you serious? She Was I wrong date?  Asked.

Yes, dammit. This was yesterday.

They embraced in a disconsolate cry three, father, mother and son, and retook the subway to go home.

Then she posted on Twitter what happened and never again referred to the matter.


Tammy @Tammyrazzi

On the train to Wembley. Just realised the 3 @Beyonce tickets I bought for tonight were actually for last night. #devastated


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“Road to Wembley, I realized that the 3 Beyonce I bought tickets for tonight, actually were for yesterday.”

Tammy, indeed, was the only woman in the world to reach the expected concert Beyonce … With a full day late.