In this unfortunate man a poisonous spider peak twice in the penis …

In this unfortunate man a poisonous spider peak twice in the penis ...

There are people in life with bad luck and this man … who has received two powerful and poisonous bites an Australian spider on his penis . Those things will not believe, but it really happened, in Sydney, the last time a couple of days ago, and the first five months ago.

The incident happened in an area under construction on the outskirts of the city, when 21 year old man was using a portable toilet.

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“I was sitting on the toilet doing my stuff when I felt the pang I felt the first time. And I said ‘I can not believe this happens to me again’ (…) I looked down and saw a small legs out over the edge of the toilet , “he told the BBC the man known as Jordan.

Jordan said he was very concerned about using portable toilets since receiving the first bite, but this time, he said, had just been cleaned so we thought it was a good time to use them.

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He was taken to hospital and discharged the same day. But if again make you want to do a number two at work, he said, probably will wait until you get home. 

This worker was bitten by a redback spider, which is closely related to the black widow. They are often confused because of their similar red marks.


A bite from this species can cause great pain, vomiting and in some cases, death. However, death by Red Back is rare since there is the antidote their poison.

Oops that painful!