I’m not going to give up! For my daughters and my family, I will keep fighting

I'm not going to give up! For my daughters and my family, I will keep fighting

They say that before he died we see our lives happen in an instant, and that’s what happened to me when I found out I had breast cancer . I’m Bibiana Cortes, and as a woman and mother, I tell my story to raise awareness about the issue and checkups to detect it on time. Because, unfortunately, it is a battle that can touch all of us face.

At first I was very afraid: just seeing the expression of Dr. reaffirmed what I already thought … he needed not say more; everything was very clear. And the first thing I thought was in my daughters.


When I told my family, they just hugged me because they did not know quite how to react. My little daughter whispered to me that he loved me and that was the first incentive to fight and never give up.

It has been a difficult process, especially after having surgery. I just saw the mirror, I realized that a part of me was gone and it became a challenge: I had to take me back.


I had to learn it was a different person, but nevertheless still had the unconditional love of my husband and daughters.  And of course, there were days when I felt I could take no more: spent days in bed, had no strength and she was angry…

But when he was about to give up, thinking of my mission in life and especially in my family: my great support and motivation to stick with them.


I know it has not yet reached the end. I know that I continue despite treatment sick. But I’m not giving up . I will continue to fight to overcome breast cancer.  In life we are always making plans … Until one day everything changes, and no choice but to surrender or stand up and fight for what you love.

Today I consider myself a survivor and a warrior. It’s amazing how a mother’s love can push you to keep going and not give in to adversity.

And I imagine that each has its own motivation: the terrible things happen to us those we can defeat them.

Bibiana struggle is an example to follow. During the International Month of the Fight Against Breast Cancer, its history can be the inspiration for thousands of women who face this terrible disease. 

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GAMESA® MARIAS , AS GENUINE LOVE MAMÁ®, with you in the fight against breast cancer.