If you lived these 15 situations, then you’re much better single than matched

If you lived these 15 situations, then you're much better single than matched

It is true that nobody jumps of joy when a relationship ends. Or at least no one who was happy inside. If yours came to an end, you might see all dark and you can not find solution to virtually nothing . We’ve all been there. He feels anxiety, listlessness, sadness, and there are very few things that really motivate us to move forward. Time is finally ending talking and luckily we return to surface. It is only at that moment when we can analyze up to look at everything that happened in our relationship and it is our duty to learn and engage in a healthier link the future, change the things that were wrong.

That we leave 22 realities that maybe you lived in your past relationship. If so, he thank ended.

1. more admired than other couples yours.

2. When you remember your relationship, the first thing that appear are the bad memories.

3. Jealousy was constant.

4. You lost friends for your relationship.

5. Whenever you feared that you would leave.

6. There was a constant struggle of egos.

7. Do you feel comfortable with your family, or vice versa.

8. Even the most insignificant things became discussions.

9. The future together worried you more thrilling.

10. He spent a lot that threatened to end the relationship.

11. Your family and yours believes both should end.

12. Sometimes you were talking bad about your partner and not know why.

13. you depended more than other people emotionally than your partner.

14. They used to have double standards when they were together and apart.

15. Some of them had need for affection.

And you, what do you think about that?