If you have a dog sure that these 8 things affect your love life

If you have a dog sure that these 8 things affect your love life

Having a dog has been one of the most beautiful experiences that I have lived.In fact, my dog is like a son to me and our relationship is unbreakable . They are the most tender and faithful beings on the earth, and his way of loving is so special that we can not resist.

However, our dog and citations are not compatible , having a pet has destroyed my love life. I know it may sound bold (I ask my apologies to all moms) but having a dog is something like being a single mother. You must take responsibility for their nutrition, health and wellness. Your dog is not able to understand if one day you get stuck at work, how much more time you spend away from home more hungry and anxious will be.

When a dog comes into your life, your world begins to revolve around him , no matter how hard you try it does not affect your life.

The effects on your emotional life seem insignificant when you have to bewonderful and intelligent you are after a hard day waiting anxiously. However, when you start dating someone you realize that having a pet and being single is the most time Рconsuming tasks that have lived.

# 1 No more spontaneity

Your but only has a small amount of hours that may be only because it can not be cooked or removed for a walk. So now everything must be planned , nothing can be out of the hours you had planned.

Although you could ask someone to watch your dog … but do not trust anyone to do it better than you .

# 2 No sleepovers

If you’re in a romantic evening and you think you could come spend the night away from home … forget it ! You can not do it, your anxiety or guilt could kill you , imagine alone with your baby spending the whole night just breaks your heart.

# 3 uncontrollable Fight for bed

When you can have someone accompany you on your nights probably have a fight with your dog because precisely this is your place in bed.

No. 4 Jealous everywhere

It sounds crazy, but I happened to my appointments are jealous of my pet . In fact, I have been asked to choose … My dog and I are happy to share our lives together!

No. 5 stressful holidays

I regret to say, that if you want a relaxing weekend or a week on a beach in the Caribbean live a nightmare.

When you have a human child can carry it anywhere, in fact it is almost mandatory that you do; but if you have a dog things are a little different. You can take on the road, which would be a complete nightmare and face; or you can be left to someone, you will be nervous the whole trip. It is no longer so easy toplan a vacation!

# 6 Many meals out, out literally

Very few places in the world are pet friendly so if you want to leave your pet to eat outside, you must do so outside. You may wonder why would take to feed my pet?

The answer is simple, if I have a pet and a date after work, is almost an obligation to take my dog (after many hours away from home he also has his needs).

No. 7 Canceling plans – Level Two

Her pretty face and those tender eyes asking that we please not go againannihilate us, buy us, they kill us love and can not resist . Quote canceled! It will be an evening of caresses and love.

# 8 How Separation door?

Maybe you not admit that this has happened to you and that can happen, but the separations because of your pet are real . It may be for the amount of time you spend with your pet because your partner does not like your dog or because he is your priority over anything.

A couple worth love you both you and your pet , so do not despair, it would not work anyway.

What about you do you think? Did you spent?