I wanted to do a magazine for women who not only talk about makeup. Thousands of people supported it

I wanted to do a magazine for women who not only talk about makeup. Thousands of people supported it

All those who recognize that in the covers of magazines for girls predominate dolls, lip glosses and princesses , understand the objective of this wonderful creation made and designed for strong, smart girls and true to themselves. We needed something more the tips to have beautiful hair or how to be a good girl with good manners. 

Erin Bried  realized that when he walked down the aisles of a store with her 5 year old daughter, Ellie.


What was disturbing because looked Elli does not love princesses.She prefers open spaces to play and climb trees. That day the two went home with an obvious disgust. In short, there was one magazine that might be interested in the adventurous child.

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Then born Kazoo , the women ‘s magazine for girls bold concerns and interests hits.

Weeks after starting the project, Erin launched a virtual campaign to raise funds, and the results were overwhelming. Erin has always been involved with the media and had been writing in variousmagazines , and only a month after starting the campaign, had accumulated more than $ 171,000 to invest in a new idea. 

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It has been the virtual campaign fundraising to invest in journalism, most successful in history.

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The first issue was published in August 2016. The main issues addressed in this first edition were about a celebration that celebrates swimming from Cuba to Florida, fun activities and recipes to have a good time with friends and friends. Nothing makeup or princesses. 

Kazoo not declared anti-princesses, in fact Erin thinks there ‘snothing wrong with them and pink is a beautiful color, but if sold as one that favors and belongs to the girls, something is being done wrong.

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For future editions, Erin plans to continue including activities, interesting facts and interviews with women leaders.


“I think it’s important for our daughters see as role models these incredible women .Unfortunately, they are not sufficiently represented in what they read or watch ontelevision , and what I try is to compensate for this lack in Kazoo “.

Erin Bried to Mic-

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The second number Kazoo will be published in October 2016 and can be purchased online or at various bookstores. Each magazine costs $ 12.50 dollars and the subscription is for $ 50 dollars.

What do you think this unbreakable proposal?