I got tired of being afraid to walk home alone

I got tired of being afraid to walk home alone

It’s late at night and I must return to my house alone . My best friend tells me it’s better call someone to come get me or ask a taxi to not have to walk. But then he says to ask for a cab can be dangerous because, you know, maybe you touch a “psychopath” or “old green (pedophile)” not even take you home. I say do not worry, nothing will happen to me, I know take care of myself. But inside me, I reflect that, unfortunately, if I take that decision to walk home alone at this hour maybe yes me something bad happens . Maybe yes I meet someone who wants to follow me , or worse, attack me.

If I ask my boyfriend, my father or friend to accompany me, probably nothing will happen to me. However, if I do it alone or with a friend, both feel afraid of walking alone so late. Why? Why do we have this fear so ingrained within us? Why we can not walk alone when we want? Simply because we are women and this society does not understand that we are so alike that men and, therefore, deserve the same respect and rights.

Day after day, night after night, hundreds of women are attacked or raped somewhere in the world.At this very moment a girl may be fearing for his life. And just for being a woman. We fear forever. We feel uncomfortable even with our own body, to the point of reaching hide it so that no one will bother us in the street or we yell some coarseness that society tends to hide the call compliment.

I got bored. I got tired of being afraid to walk alone , in the day or at night. I got tired of having to always be looking alert for fear that someone attack me. I got bored that continue to believe that we are weak , who sit on the right to attack us because we are women.I got tired of having to care how I dress, because I can blame obscene glances of men. I got tired because I am a person, I am awoman, and as all the others deserve respect.

Longer enough to be afraid. It’s time to come together and show that we are strong. It’s time to earn respect and make him understand the rest that we are equal, we all have the right to be free, to dress as we like to walk alone, to travel without fear, to live.

And without hate, because equality is not achieved attacking each other, but joining forces and respecting each other . Facing in the same direction.

I do not want to be afraid to walk alone at night and not be able to return home.