I do not hold grudges, but that does not mean you have forgotten what you did to me

Endings are never cause for happiness, except when it comes to a loving relationship. Finish with the person we love hurts, and it hurts a lot. At first we think we can not bear so much pain, and then we will never forget that person … until the time slowly begins to heal our wounds and finally managed to drop.

Letting you go was difficult, I felt I would die in the attempt. I thought my life would be meaningless without you and I could never lift the hole where I left off. But today I am standing and I can write these words because I no longer hold grudges. I have released and today are away from my life.

Girl writing a letter

Yesterday, for some strange reason I read your posts, those you wrote to tell me how much you loved me; and I must admit that I could not hold back tears. I felt that I loved again, I felt as if no time had passed and had just received these texts me so glad heart. But I also remembered automatically everything that we live together, and then the bad memories came to my mind and I felt grateful to no longer be with you.

I do not want you to come to me about love, or to tell me that you’ve changed. You do not even know the true meaning of love. You never accepted your mistakes, so how do you could change? Do not try to please me around and show your best face just to convince me to return to you, I will not.

Movie scene of love and other addictions

I gave hundreds of opportunities, I held until the last moment and never valoraste. I was the girlfriend you expected it to be, fulfilled your expectations, even when it should not; I stopped even fulfill my own expectations only to please you. So well understood one thing let me quiet!

Do not get confused. If you do not treat you bad is not because we still feel something for you; I just learned to forgive and let go. There was a time when I could not even see his face, just hearing your name was uncomfortable. I was angry and wanted to shout insults all the world, releasing all the poison that you left inside me; however I realized that was not worth it. Thanks to your abandonment I could take the time to understand that everything had come to an end and should continue my way.

I only ask one last favor: be prudent. Do not misunderstand things, really I do not hold grudges: but that does not mean that suffers from amnesia and has forgotten all the things that happened in our relationship. I know exactly what the reasons are we separated. and although I know that the two were guilty, I will not deny me the reality we live.

Scene from the movie Blue Valentine

I do not want to hurt you, but that does not mean you will not see evil. Do not try to provoke in me feelings that are already dead; you’re just one more memory.

Today I learned that I can not stop for anyone, that life is fall and get up again and again; this is how we learn. Today I wish you well and you find peace in your life. Do not look for me, if one day I really loved let me go my way that I will never turn back.