How your pet can help you overcome your break

The next time you finished your partner, maybe you should consider spending a good time with your dog or your cat. Animals can make us feel better when we feel rejection or feel that life is difficult.

In one study, it was discovered that see photos of dogs and cats improves the welfare of people when they recall moments of social rejection.

Why? We tend to anthropomorphize animals, bone to assign them human qualities such as emotions and personality traits.This makes them more similar to humans and are almost the obvious choice for comfort when others disappoint us.

When you feel lonely or rejected, you want to feel a connection again. If we perceive animals as emotional beings who can relate to us in the same way we do with other people, it gives us a sense of social connection that is what you lack at the moment.

In addition, animals have all the same benefits without the disadvantages of your friends: provide social support without running the risk of being rejected.

Just looking at pictures of animals improved the willingness of study participants, but actually spending time with a pet you love can make much stronger effect.

For this surely more human elements we associate with pets, such as names and habits, than with any other animal.

So next time you break your heart or you exclude a friend of his plans, forget it and spend some time with your best furry friend.

This will help you feel better at the time, but it is not a permanent solution. It’s not like if solved the problem that bothers you first.