How to act when your partner is lying

How to act when your partner is lying

It is more than sure we’ve all lied at some time. However, in  a relationship, whether dating or marriage, lies should not be accommodated.

A relationship should be based on trust and honesty to one hundred percent.These are two values that make the love between us grow day by day. Of course, both women and men seek a relationship full of love and loyalty.

Today is already very difficult to make a relationship survive over the years. So it is sad that values like loyalty and trust are losing.

If you had the misfortune to discover that your partner is lying, it is normal to feel hurt and that both your self esteem and your confidence falter . Bounce back pain is not easy.

It takes time and you need to have patience and above all a lot of confidence in yourself. There are some things that you can try with your partner to vovler to trust.

Leave aside the resentments

avoid a fight escalates

Resentment is one of the most damaging to any relationship . It makes you focus only on your pain and constantly remind lack that made your partner.

This will make the task to turn the page and move it simple. This makes you focus on a past that, besides being painful, do not benefit anything or is healthy in any way.

Revenge is never the answer

Maybe you want to use for revenge and pass through your head wanting to pay with the same currency and have experience the pain you feel when your partner is lying.

This is not the solution. You may, if you do, at first have a sense of satisfaction. But this will only hurt your partner without and it is very likely that then you feel worse.

It ‘s better you give an example of how it should act and you remain loyal . This will also make you feel satisfied for having done the right thing.

Do not judge

It happens you want your partner to act as you would. When your partner is lying, it can happen that, unconsciously, you take advantage of the situation and begin to blame all the problems of the relationship.

The reality is that the state of the relationship generally depends on the two partners. It is better than both make an effort to gradually redressed bonds of trust, understanding and being positive.

Forgiving is a very good tool


Forgive when your partner is lying is not an easy task, but it is not impossible. There are many people who claim to forgive but not forget. This, in some respects, it is true.

Forgiving is not forgetting what happened, this is what happened you can remember without pain. Forgiveness is a process that everyone takes his rhythm . It requires patience, time and acceptance of the facts.

Strive to trust again

This, like forgiveness, is a process that must perform slowly. Trusting want to go back to not make you do it again immediately.

To do this  you should start to have a little more responsiveness with samples of loyalty and honesty that your partner gives you.

It is also important that your partner should be aware that you can trust again prove through deeds, details of love, diligence and a lot of patience .

Talk to your partner honestly

talk 2

Communication is very important in all couples and is essential to be honest.

This is a powerful tool that will allow both you and your partner, put yourself in the other’s place and will give clues to grow as a couple and as individuals.

When your partner is lying very difficult to trust his sincerity. If you speak truthfully  constant is more likely to repair confidence and your partner will not again make the same mistakes.

It also takes into account that there is a personal space that you and your partner must respect, it is vital that each retains its essence of individuality.

This is not to say everything always.

Be clear about whether you can ever trust your partner or not

It should be emphasized that to trust when your partner is lying to you is not easy, and can be much faster break the relationship or resort to a divorce.

However, if you are here it is because you want to not throw in the towel.

If both you and your partner you consider that the relationship still has a future , you can apply these tips to overcome the setback happened.

If you think you’ve tried everything and nothing ‘s working, seek help from a professional therapist and taking therapy with your partner can work.

A therapist will provide tools that will recover confidence in both you and your partner .

It may be that, deep down, feel that it is your fault that your partner lied and should not necessarily be so.

In many cases it may mean that your partner suffer from any condition that requires care, therapy, patience and time to overcome.