How the Day of the Dead is celebrated in Mexico

How the Day of the Dead is celebrated in Mexico

It is about the Day of the Dead and Mexico is preparing to receive this popular celebration that has been declared by UNESCO as intangible cultural heritage .

Understand death from a different perspective and to even laugh at it is part of the spirit of this celebration. In this publication, today share some facts about the celebration of Day of the Dead which undoubtedly is one of the most important in the village Mexican .

Origins of the festival

The origin of the Day of the Dead can unicate at Mesoamerica during the pre -Hispanic times, when people like the Purepecha, Mexica or Maya civilizationhonored their ancestors performed various rituals and offerings . According to belief, the kind of death was related to the paradise that touched them.

If you died in combat or giving birth, you expect the Omeyocan . This paradise, where lived Huitzilopochtli  (god of war), was one of the prime locations. After dwelling there you returned to Earth reincarnated as a bird.

However, if your death had been natural to expect you Mictlan . In this type of tomb they were placed different objects, for example arrows that allow defend yourself against adversities.

These dead also accompanied by a Xoloitzcuintle dog (its peculiarity is that no hair and pre – Hispanic times was part of the diet of the Mexica ) which, once you got to Mictlan should be given as an offering to Mictlantecuhtli , the god of the dead .

Below, we share an interesting documentary about the Day of the Dead in Oaxaca :

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Day of the Dead celebrations

In different states of Mexico various activities to commemorate this date are made.

In the pantheons, for example, the night of November 1 family go to visit their dead. In the tomb they assemble their altars, dine and spend the night there, perhaps even accompanied by the music of mariachis .

Offerings and altars have great symbolism. In these various objects used by the deceased in life and those who serve him in the underworld they are placed.

For processing flowers (used cempasúchitl flower bright yellow that will guide the souls of the dead) food ( sugar skulls , pan de muertos , squash strikeout, mezcal, atole, tequila ) toys, candles, copal, salt, water, confetti, portraits of the deceased or cigarettes.

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Pantheons to visit

If you want to have a comprehensive view of how the Day of the Dead is celebrated , there are a few cemeteries you can visit to understand the particularities of this day.

Dolores Cemetery : Located in Mexico City , is the largest in Latin America. It contains the graves of great personalities like David Alfaro Siqueiros, Rosario Castellanos, Diego Rivera and Agustin Lara. During this time inside different cultural activities.

San Fernando Pantheon : Located in downtown Mexico City , is also one of the required destinations. In it, besides the grave of great political figures such as former President Benito Juarez, you can admire original offerings, access and artistic interventions guided visits.

Pantheon Merida : Located in the city of Merida, Yucatan , home to many Gothic buildings and art deco. Inside various cultural and artistic activities are performed.

Well, if you have any recommendations on what to visit in Mexico ‘s Day of theDead , we hope to leave us your comments to this article.