Honest written by the girl’s world single letter

Yes you come to this place looking for the secret of what feels a single girl, now I notice that you will not find. So, to say that this is “the truth” of what we feel, I mean all that we think about not having a relationship, but you never hear out of our mouth, so far.

These lines are dedicated to all those girls out there who feel like me: You lost in time, disoriented heart without a hope of love. Ugly enough to put labels: singleness is much simpler than it seems, so now I change my name She’s maiden world .

white girl with long brown hair m

The girls without a relationship are lost, because when you have a partner is as if time progressed into another reality and are no longer the same hours that used to be yours. Perhaps because in a relationship there is only “us.” More than once I’ve wondered what happens to the life of a single girl? The days and weeks only move forward, and you?

And for a girl without a partner only exists today, not too many plans or future; so sometimes I want a partner help you decide a date for “our” next vacation or an appointment to go to the movies on a Friday. Someone who was with me to decide those steps that maybe I know not to give one.

woman and man dancing in the dark

Then I think about the last guy I dated, which I will not say that just went through my life to try to get me to bed, because it was not so; but I will say that went through my bachelorhood just when least expected, and it was so exciting that for a moment I saw him some hope.

However, things did not work because I became bored, and the truth is that not be a great, sexy and funny girl can be a repellent prospects. For more sad as it sounds, that’s what I thought when I said it was better to be just friends, and repeated in my head the same questions over and over again: “What did I do wrong? What the hell is wrong in me? “.

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Turn around to watch those happy couples and I realized that this was not to be enough, but to be myself. So I stopped regretting and wondering what he did wrong so many times, and I began to remember everything has gone well so far.

Suddenly a list of personal achievements began to shine in front of me; all those little goals I accomplished at some point, and they definitely were not wasted time. All this took shape to become something special, which was myself and had not noticed.

woman without clothes lying in bed

Now I realize that everything stops working when you stop being yourself, when you forget who you were in an attempt to please others. So I decided not to give up love, I know there because I feel it when I do things that I like, or when share time with my favorite people.

And although I want a guy with whom to share the nights in bed watching movies, or travel weekend to the mountains, I must admit that I no longer care so much if I find that man today, or tomorrow or the day siguiente. Mi heart is relaxed and happy because I know one day I’ll find someone who is like my Noah and his Ali.