Here are all the times that Stan Lee has appeared in a film of Marvel

Here are all the times that Stan Lee has appeared in a film of Marvel

This icon in the world of comics 93 years has subtly appeared in all Marvel movies that have come out in theaters in recent years. Here we list the 27 occasions that came out in theaters since 2000.

His first appearance in a Marvel movie was like a hot dog vendor in  X-Men2

It came as a surprised man in  Spider-Man3

He is saved by Matt Murdock small walking distractedly in traffic in  Daredevil4

Lee and the old Hulk, Lou Ferrigno, were guards in  Hulk5

Saves a woman from rubble in Spider-Man 26

It is a postman in  Fantastic Four7

Out in the garden while floating the water from the hose in  X-Men: The Last Stand8

It tries to sneak a wedding in  Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer9

It intersects with Peter Parker in  Spider-Man 310

Tony Stark confuses Stan Lee Hugh Hefner in  Iron Maneleven

Taking out a radioactive drink in  The Incredible Hulk12

Tony Stark mistakes him with Larry King this time in  Iron Man 213

Stan Lee tries to move the hammer of Thor with his truck in Thor14

It comes off as a general during World War II in  Captain America: The First Avengerfifteen

Out interviewed in the news in  Avengers16

Out listening to music while Spider-Man fights in the background in  The Amazing Spider-Man18

He comes off as judge in a beauty contest in  Iron Man 319

Stan Lee is a patient in a psychiatric asylum in  Thor: The Dark Worldtwenty

It is a security guard at  Captain America: The Winter Soldiertwenty-one

Out on graduation Peter Parker in  The Amazing Spider-Man 222

What spy flirting Rocket Raccoon in  Guardians of the Galaxy2. 3

Stan Lee comes off as a military veteran in  Avengers: Age of Ultron24

It is a bartender in  Ant-Man25

In Deadpool is the DJ at a bar strippers26

It is a postman in  Captain America: Civil War27

In  X-Men: Apocalypse comes out with his royal wife watching the sky as missiles are launched into space