Her wedding dress took a year to be ready. The wait was worth it!

We see all our sister, best friend, or even ourselves walking toward the altar and in the most magical and beautiful dress. So when we find stories of women making their dress unique and unrepeatable girlfriend, we found that the limits simply do not exist for a girl who seeks to demonstrate its essence in every detail.

Such was the case of this fashionista in the Middle East, who made her wedding dress the most original and beautiful piece that you will see in a long time recognized. She designed her dress and was made by geniuses of haute couture; something that took more than a year tailor it. No doubt the inspiration you were looking wedding will become.

It proved dressed in a bridal boutique

woman with wedding dress in the mirror

Dana Woolley is a recognized influence in the fashion industry in Middle East countries, even long before the dream of the “perfect dress”. His eclectic and chic style emphasizes in his account Instagram , sharing everything about her fashionista life.

It also shared the moment when he decided to have a wedding dress so unique in its kind to be able to surprise everyone on their wedding day.

She designed her dress

hands drawing wedding dress

For this, Dana tested in several of the most important boutiques brides; however no entirely convinced. For the great day of his wedding, with her now husband Samer Zayat, this woman had three wedding dresses for different ceremonies.

Their wedding took place last summer, and Danna Woolley made a trip to the past in Instagram, sharing one of the most beautiful dresses you’ll ever see, totally made by hand haute couture designers and adorned with incredible crystals in silver and gold.

The project is the company actually turned Wife Prive

hands embroidering fabric wedding dress

The project started a year before the wedding, and took 2 months to finish the embroidery and tailoring. The work was in charge of the company Prive couture bride, who wore full dress gracing every centimeter with Swarovski crystals.

Dana documented the whole process from Instagram, and shared details from planning to footwear.

The result was a complete work of art

woman with wedding dress with bouquet and veil

Dana shared the look end

woman with wedding dress, veil and bouquet

Would you dare to wear a dress like your wedding day?

woman with wedding dress and veil

Every detail is full of unparalleled brightness

It was worth the work

newlywed couple giving kiss