he winning photographs at the Sony World Photography Awards 2016.

he winning photographs at the Sony World Photography Awards 2016.

A photograph captures the look of joy on the face of a child before he jumped to his grandfather who napped, was the winner of one of the most prestigious photography contests open world.

Wake Up Call, Alex Ingle photograph shows the boy preparing to jump over the legs of his grandfather taking a nap on the couch after a Passover meal.


Scottish photographer’s image will now compete against nine other winners of each open category in 2016 Sony World Photography Awards.


This photograph of a polar bear Michaela Smidova, Czech Republic, won the open for Nature and Wildlife contest.


The planned obsolescence by Pedro Díaz Molins, of Spain, won improved in the prestigious photography contest category.


Chaiyot Chanyam, Thailand, won the second category crack with this photograph of two birds that are caught unguarded by breaking waves.


The winner of the picture is Markus Van häuten, Germany, for this spectacular photograph of Gooafoss waterfalls in Iceland during the winter.


Andrej Tarfila, Slovenia, won the travel category with this picture showing a church in the middle of acres of frosty fields.


Enchanted forest of bamboo, Kei Nomiyama, Japan, won in the category under the light of a stunning image taken under moonlight showing the firefly species Luciola parvula illuminating the forest.


An elderly woman tending to her store in Vietnam latern won the category of arts and culture. The photograph was taken by Swee Choo Oh, Malaysia.


Alexandre Meneghini, Brazil captured two women at sea, in Cuba on a day when temperatures hit a record near 39.7 C. The photograph has won the open category of people.


The winning photograph in the category of open architecture image of Filip Wolak, Poland, showing a snowy Central Park.


This photograph of a framed picture of Mount Kazbek in Georgia won the environmental award for young Anais Stupka.


Sam Delaware, from Maine, United States, won the category of portraits of young people in this photograph of the young sister, Sarah.


A father salt clean your child after a swim in the lake Orumiyeh, in northwestern Iran. It was taken by Sepehr Jamshidi Fard and win in youth culture.