He was going to propose to his girlfriend. Suddenly she looked inside the box on the table

He was going to propose to his girlfriend. Suddenly she looked inside the box on the table

If we were to make a list of the best boyfriends year, Christopher LoNigro surely would lead. Not because he is handsome or extremely affectionate with his girlfriend, but because it created the perfect way to ask her to marry. And she even suspected!

Alishia Olivieri, Christopher’s girlfriend, was in the house of his father in Port Jefferson, New York. His family was gathered and suddenly her boyfriend arrives with a spectacular surprise. She could not believe it had gone to her father ‘s house to spend a nice family day , but then noticed that Christopher had planned something long before she arrived.

He approached, I knelt down and asked for marriage. But that was not all, on the main table there was a huge box with a tender and big surprise: a puppy.

“I was so excited and shocked before I saw the puppy. I was shaking in shock in front of my family and loved ones , but when I saw that hair ball almost broke my heart”

Olivieri -Alishia The Huffington Post

Alishia and Christopher

The tender puppy Christopher unboxed named Kramer, who was greeted by the arms of a Alishia excited, who could not believe what was happening and kept repeating that the puppy was “very cute” . Even he said he felt “was not alive at that time.”

Alishia and Christopher

But the romantic love story did not start there. Years before Alishia met Christian because he was the best friend of her older brother . Both fell in love in school and Christopher was the first boyfriend and first kiss Alishia. Over time their relationship was strengthened, although Christopher had to face the loss of his father, but Alishia was always there to help and support him , which caused his tie even join.

Alishia and Christopher

Some time later had a daughter named Aria and now are engaged and will marry in May 2018 … yes, with Kramer included.