He was burning with jealousy by Professor buzzes his wife, then he decided to assassinate him

He was burning with jealousy by Professor buzzes his wife, then he decided to assassinate him

It is not uncommon to always say that teachers are people with toned zumba, dance stylish and very handsome bodies . It is clear, especially if we think they care and feeding your body. Some women tend to be attracted sigh and a teacher of zumba, and that sometimes can arouse the jealousy of someone else. Like what happened in Jalisco, where a man burned with jealousy when he learned that the professor buzzes his wife “he claimed.” Given the anger he decided to seek revenge and killed the instructor.

It was a normal day in San Pedro Tlaquepaque, Jalisco. Zumba classes ended and the teacher, identified as Erick, 34, left the place of classes and walked down the street Mexiana Island when suddenly a car Mitsubishi Eclipse blocked her way. A man got out defiantly and without saying a word.Then he fired five times against Erick and fled in the vehicle, reports Debate .

Suddenly the police station in San Pedro Tlaquepaque received an alert for a wounded man bullet next to a park . They went to theplace and found Erick lying on the floor surrounded by bullet casings of 9mm.

The culprit was the husband of one of her students, and had already received death threats earlier because he believed he was “pretending” to his wife. The wife of the murderer received a text message from his sister in which he had he had killed the instructor. At this, the woman immediately went to the Jalisco Institute of Women to blame her husband for the murder, because he had confessed to the murder.

The woman asked for support and help from the police, because he fears man’s look and can hurt.

Meanwhile, the instructor ‘s body was taken to the Forensic Medical Service, and the murderer is being sought by the authorities.

All because of jealousy.