He sued his wife when she confessed that her ex sperm used to conceive her son 6 years

He sued his wife when she confessed that her ex sperm used to conceive her son 6 years

Jonathan Grindon, a London university professor, has confessed to live a torment after learning that his wife used the sperm of another man to have a child he always believed was hers to six years old.So decided to take the woman to court and sue for the suffering they caused.


Grindon won the lawsuit and received 40,000 pounds in compensation. However, it has lost all access to Timothy, the boy now 11 years old, and unable to oppose the decision of the court.

The professor revealed to  The Daily Mail  “there is no greater torment than believing you have conceived a child, fully believing it to your own blood, and suddenly I’ll pull up your life.”


“He was the most beautiful, small, tiny, was perfect. It was my adoration, love at first sight (…) but it turned out to be a lie, “he said.

He faced obstacles having previously had a vasectomy and his wife suffer from fertility problems. For that reason they decided to perform in vitro fertilization in a Spanish clinic where they could use eggs from a local woman fertilized by sperm collected from the testicles of Grindon, a clinical procedure that cost 7,000 pounds.

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In January 2005, with the marriage under stress, the donor eggs were fertilized and transferred to the uterus of his then wife Annette. But before she had traveled to Spain without Jonathan, and took the opportunity to use the sperm of a former boyfriend to fertilize the eggs.

Unaware of deception Jonathan was happy when Annette told him she was pregnant. His son was born in 2005.


But after several discussions and relationship problems Annette decided to confess that it was not his son. There would start a legal process that culminated in the financial compensation for Jonathan and child restraining order.


“My only hope now is that remembering all the happy times we spent together, he will want to rekindle a relationship with me as an adult and able to decide for itself,” he said.


In the end, neither thought of the most affected: the child.

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