He sits to hear stories of love from strangers. They call it “hearer” and knows more than 120 cases

He sits to hear stories of love from strangers. They call it "hearer" and knows more than 120 cases

Sometimes when we usually have those pains of love, we begin to need a friend to listen to us and understand why we are going through and can give us wise counsel. However, there always have andwe feel compelled to stay with that saved anguish because we do not know who to let off steam.Well, that was until now, because there is someone who is happy to listen and without charging a weight.

A 28 – year-old boy Alejandro Saldarriaga through the streets of Medellin, Colombia, looking for those lonely people who hide stories of heartbreak locked and asking to come out. Alejandro finds when he sits quietly in a park and put before him their poster that says “free love stories and heartbreak are heard.” That’s right , free. At first people are curious and some distrust , but when Alejandro listens carefully it seems that rid themselves of all that pain they carry inside.

But Alexander is not always devoted to hearing other people ‘s stories. Before it was political adviser and a day in which he was lonely and overwhelmed discovered that there were many people who could be in the same situation , so he decided to start listening.

Thanks to that decision Alejandro has heard more than 120 stories of love , men and women. Young people who need someone to vent to . Of people seeking advice , or who just want to tell their joy to be with the person they love.

RCN Radio

And while the stories are varied and very inspiring, there was a deeply shocked Alexander. She told RCN Radio, a woman aged 22 came to talk to him and told him that day wanted suicidars e. He, shocked, heard her story for two hours and asked to be added to Facebook the next day if not killed himself. He waited his friend request, but never arrived.

In every street that has come there are thousands of stories, which have served him even to write stories and poems.

So, if you do not know who to talk about your grief love, you know who to look for