He let his daughter raped in exchange for drugs

The girl was subjected to abuse by the dealer of his mother and then was forced to take drugs with her.

“I can honestly say that in three and a half years I’ve been sitting here, this is by far the worst thing that came to this court “ . The words of Judge  Leslie Ghiz  were forceful and impacted the entire County Court in Hamilton, Ohio.


April  Corcoran  is 32 and will spend the next 51 in prison. She was found guilty of financing his heroin addiction delivering her daughter 11 years to your dealer, who raped and drugged the girl with her mother’s consent. According  CincinnatiInquirer , women sometimes allowed the trafficker recorded subjecting the child.


Shandell  Willingham , trafficker and rapist, awaits sentencing. The crime did not include only the rape, but  the mother was supplying heroin to the child whenever he was abused by the trafficker, in reward signal.  The girl vomited whenever she was forced to such a routine.


The violations and the forced consumption heroin was repeated at least four times between February and June 2014. currently the girl is 13 years old and his life is a constant suffering: this under medical and psychological treatment for depression and suicide attempts. She lives with her father and stepmother.

He was the one who denounced the situation, when they began to live together. The girl ‘sgrandmother told the court:   “I saw my granddaughter. I heard her little voice. It was horrible.How could you do that? I do not know if my granddaughter can deal with this and have a normal life. ”

” As a parent, it’s hard to imagine how your child could use to satisfy your addiction to drugs , “ said the prosecutor Hamilton County,  Joseph T.Deters .

US officials believe that heroin is an “epidemic”.

A true horror.