He is Thor, an adorable Bengal cat has the most perfect spots in the universe

He is Thor, an adorable Bengal cat has the most perfect spots in the universe

Like ordinary cats were not sufficiently great, sometimes we have the possibility of finding felines bordering the cat perfection. This is the case of the beautiful Thor , a cat bengal three years so cute and interesting that you will feel like uncontrollable pet him.

Thor The Bengal  

Thor lives with his owner in Belgium and Cucicov Rani Rani saysthat he is a very special and funny cat.

Bengal cats are characterized by having these beautiful and defined stripes and Thor not only have, but also leads to perfection. Their fur is soft and shiny with a delicacy like color.

This particular cat has hobbies of all kinds. For example, he loves to go for a walk, which is rare for a cat.

Thor The Bengal  

But he loves, just ponle her necklace and ready.

Thor The Bengal  

The other thing sings, as Rani, is “talk.” No human, obviously, but in cat language. His meows are quite strong and once it starts nothing can stop it .

Like any cat, Thor likes seafood, but he is not fed or tuna or fish. No sir! He has a fine palate so likes to eat shrimp.

Thor Rani adopted in 2013, when he saw in a pet shop in the Netherlands and could not help falling in love with him, as he told the Huffington Post .

Thor The Bengal  

“The truth is that going to look at another kitten, but the breeder told us he had this available and came up with Thor in arms. We immediately fell in love with their colors .”

Thor definitely has become a sensation in the network and has its own page on Facebook and profile of Instagram . Its owner wants to use all this attention in a positive way :

“Perhaps the popularity of Thor is an opportunity to give more attention to the shelters and the issue of animal rescue , because although we do not take Thor of exactly refuge lot of respect for people who opens his heart to those animals that nobody wants and trying to find them a permanent home. “

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