He felt like his twin 12-year-old was dying. Telepathically he asked not to leave

He felt like his twin 12-year-old was dying. Telepathically he asked not to leave

The connection between the twins has always been the talk in popular culture. Some say that theconnection is due to genetics or a telepathic factor in that have formed around the same time and be“almost” the same person. Several experts say that between 30% and 40% of twins are likely to experience telepathy.

Scientists have confirmed that there is no such quality, but more and more cases are showing “soft” so that there must be an explanation for what is obvious.

Like many, the case of twin Kehoe in the United States joins the list of telepathic connections between brothers. Jenna and Haley were identical, two blondes with bright blue eyes that his own mother distinguished of all girls.

The girls grew up normal and healthy way up to 12 years when Haley was found passed out in the bathroom . The child ‘s parents, Peggy and Jeff, took immediately to the emergency room where they discovered that he had suffered a stroke without apparent explanation.

Doctors explained that in such cases there was nothing to do but ease the tension of the brain through surgery, and that’s what they did. The girl could not breathe on her own and after the operation there was no great hopes in fact, the doctors said they only had to wait for her heart to stop.


Jenna, her twin sister, suffered several very strange symptoms throughout the process, as if she had been feeling everything her sister. Finally, he took her hand and asked her to please not leave, he felt his heart also would stand next to hers.

After that conversation Jenna had to be hospitalized, and like a miracle Haley woke up without any of what had happened and Jenna did at the same time trace.

Doctors not explained how such a thing happened, but the miracle attributed to one thing “twin telepathy.”

What do you think ?, Is there such a thing?