He designs small fur hats made for her cats and are more chic than see

The owners of cats have this obsession to spend hours contemplating its beauty and understand live waiting for us with his mysterious look. So when it comes to decorating, pamper and indulge our favorite pet, we can lose the limits.

However, the winner was madness to love feline photographer Ryo Yamazaki, who works for the fashion industry in New York and decided to draw on its 3 pussycats. The result was amazing when he presented these images with stunning designs for cat hats, made with his own coat.

1. Ryo Yamazaki is a fashion photographer in New York

orange cat fur hats

2. With the help of their 3 cats, designed sombreros made of fur

These cats wear hats made from their fur

3. The result is amazing

different colors and cats hombreros

4. Each design has a lot of personality

orange cat with hat hair

5. He is Wheat, a year-old

orange cat with hat hair

6. Mar is 6 years old

gray cat with gray fur hat

7. And Nyaa is the largest, is 8 years

white cat with white cap

8. Together they form the trio of pussycats more chic 

white cat with white cap

9. Sometimes exchanged hats

orange cat with white hat

10. Your character is taken very seriously

orange cat with hat hair

11. They even have a hat day witch

orange cat with hat hair

12. Choose your favorite design!

orange cat with fur hats