Great news! Pizza, the world’s saddest polar bear is very close to achieving freedom

Great news! Pizza, the world's saddest polar bear is very close to achieving freedom

Many netizens and animal advocates exploded with rage at seeing the appalling living conditions inPizza, “the saddest polar bear world” . The animal lives locked in an aquarium inside a shopping center in Guangzhou, China and has proven to be very stressed and the brink of collapse by the closure, the camera flashes of annoying tourists and the small living space.

The story went viral Pizza in early 2016, when harrowing images three-year bear appeared on social networks showing him very listless and other signs of serious mental decline.

Animal Protective Foundation Animals Asia started a petition on the internet for shopping center owners improve the living conditions of the polar bear and this quickly got million signatures worldwide.

Finally, after great pressure from people and the media, the owners announced via Weibo, a social network Chinese, that Pizza would live with his parents to park in northern China where he was born.


However, reports Yahoo, not all joy because the owners of the mall entrepreneurs want to renew the aquarium where he lived and as everyone was waiting will be only temporary .

Dr. Peter Li of Humane Society International welcomed the decision and demanded that this be permanent.

“The polar bear Pizza has endured a life of hardship and suffering in that small room and artificial glass mall. So the news that will finally makes me very happy and relieved. But we pray that the mall does this permanent and not condemn him to return. Finally you feel the sun on their fur, smell fresh air and see the sky above him with his mom and dad. “


The idea is not to return this aquarium-prison in the mall:

” No kind of renewal mall will be the right place for this animal . Send it back would be very cruel and heartless.

Cases like this polar bear make me ashamed of humanity.

What’s your opinion about it?