Girlfriend surprised with best father-daughter dance at their wedding

In a time when surprises in wedding ceremonies are becoming more frequent, we have seen more than a couple who have left us so inspired and amazed; from emotional gifts to tributes dance worthy of a Broadway.

Mikayla Ellison is a recent graduate of Brigham Young University in Utah, United States, and as aformer member of the dance team  folk on campus, knew that dancing could not miss the wedding day. However, his waltz “father and daughter” night was a  performance unconventional, and so much fun that went viral Internet choreography.

This bride had an epic dance father and daughter  on her wedding day

woman with wedding dress and groom

None of the 400 wedding guests Mikayla and Codie thought he could be so original and funny a traditional piece when the bride and her father Nate began to dance on the dance to the beat of a waltz called Butterfly Kisses, but suddenly the sound changed and started playing the classic theme of MC Hammer Can not Touch This.

“I’m the only woman and am the oldest of my brothers, so my dad would have only one chance to do something like this. For years I insisted that we did this on my wedding day until I finally convinced. “

woman with wedding dress and man dancing

Mikayla used to participate in the dance group folk of his school during his college years, however, his father knew nothing about dance, but I was excited and determined to deliver their best steps.

“I’ve danced all my life, but my father did not. Each night, a week before the wedding, we rehearsed all our steps. I think because we had that idea from years ago, it was very easy to master the choreography “.

The idea ended up being a hit with a fresh, fun and full of pop culture choreography. With endearing pieces from  Bye, Bye, Bye NSYNC and even hits like Party Rock Anthem LMFAO, Mikayla and Nate they fulfilled the dream of having the most original dance father and daughter ever seen at a wedding.

Here the whole video