Game of Thrones (Suicide Squad Style)

Game of Thrones (Suicide Squad Style)

The song  Bohemian Rhapsody by  Queen can make anything, even  Downton Abbey feel like a Michael Bay movie. For this reason, since it was launched in 1975 has become a cultural constant in film and movie trailers.

The theatrical and progressive rock touches every emotion from the victory, even the rough, the passionate, tragic and sad.

The most recent use of this song was for the trailer of  Suicide Squad , although the tone and content of the song actually has nothing to do with the movie, the result still was something very compelling for fans of comics.

So what happens if we use for another piece of entertainment that we already know and love the same song?

 Here they decided to create a trailer for  Game of Thrones to give the same style and the result is something truly magical and fantastic.