Flamenkini: The new trend of beachwear that is here to stay

Sun, sand, sea … For all who dream of a break in the tropical paradises reached by a garment that will leave us with an open mouth. This is the new trend in bikini, which actually is a striking combination of classic flamenco dress and a swimsuit.

Fashion designers have called the flamenkini, and this piece of summer is here to stay; with its romantic flounces, shoulders lucidores and exquisite Spanish touch inspired by classic flamenco, this swimsuit is the perfect combination of feminine and attractive.

Friends at the beach using a flamenkini.


Girl sunbathing on the beach with a flamenkini.

It is the bikini that consists of a top with ruffles and strapless.

What today it is to teach shoulders

Young profile using flamenkini.

This year teaching shoulders has become almost an obligation for all fashionistas

The summer bikini has Spanish flavor

Girl on the beach wearing white flamenkini.

From the runways to your wardrobe

Flamekinis on the catwalks.

They are characterized by frilly

Woman on a boat using flamenkini.

They are very feminine

Women using flamenkinis.

There are also in complete pieces

Complete suit flamenkini bathroom.

And in different styles

using a flamenkini girl.

Girl on the beach using a flamenkini.