Famous plus-size model is converted into a Barbie doll with natural and sharp curves

Famous plus-size model is converted into a Barbie doll with natural and sharp curves

What we tell you then that’s good news for all the girls who agree with the acceptance of all types of bodies and the removal of a single standard of beauty, because the brand doll best known in the world , Mattel is incorporating this type of diversity to their creations and launched a curvaceous Barbie doll inspired by the wonderful model ‘plus size’ Ashley Graham.


Ashley is a plus size size model known for her curves and sensuality. The American model has achieved great fame recently and has even appeared in major magazines such as Vogue, Harpers Bazaar, Elle and Glamour.


And now, this girl is making news because Mattel relied on it for the release of her new doll.


For years, Barbie dolls were an example of beauty in the world. Unfortunately, they were dolls with bodies very far from reality, quite (overly) and zero slender curves.


So the fact that we now have relied on the icon of the curves, Ashley Graham, is a signal that Mattel is evolving positively in their lines of work.


The model Ashley Graham, was very proud to launch and posed with his version wrist.


Ashley said it was very important that this type of action they are doing, especially by such an important brand as Mattel.

“We must work together to redefine the overall image of beauty and keep pushing for a more inclusive world.”

Ashley Graham – via Upworthy

And this is how, with these actions, it is slowly changing the perspective of beauty worldwide. We should note that it is important to celebrate, admire and accept all body types: thin, curvaceous, fitness, etc.

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Mattel Very good! And, above all, congratulations to Ashley Graham and his contribution to the redefinition of beauty.


Are you agree that these actions change the mentality of the diversity of bodies in the world?