Expert makeup lips transformed into amazing works of art

Expert makeup lips transformed into amazing works of art

Andrea Reed of Victoria, Canada, is the artist behind these true works of art.

She has more than 128,000 followers waiting in line their creations.


It is inspired by famous works of art, nature and fantasy


The Canadian makeup artist spans the media with stunning photographs they see their artwork transformed into picture perfect lips.


Andrea Reed, better known as the beauty of its 128,000 girl gray Instagram followers, has been carving a niche with its striking designs that are based on famous pieces as Katsushika Hokusai ‘s Great Wave off Kanagawa.


The makeup artist Victoria your facial canvas, transforming their own lips in stunning patterns applies. His photos reach more than 7,000 likes forever.


Using an extensive makeup palette and brushes accurate, Andrea is able to paint very detailed forms and figures with fine lines on the lips, which are in the shade and then with vibrant colors.


But instead of keeping secrets to herself, publishes beauty tutorials for your followers to re-create a unique look.


Andrea said: “the art of lips is so nice for me because it’s a challenge. To produce something I’m happy because in a small canvas so hard but also very rewarding.


And my fans seem to love it too.


Andrea’s repertoire is varied: from creations candy cane inspiration; a range of pinks, purples and reds, while others colored rainbow.


Another aspect inspired by nature offers a three-dimensional painting of a bee appears to be floating just above the lower lip of Andrea.


A prominent photo artist sees the lips transformed into a mass of honeycomb, with what looks like honey dripping.


I have honey all over my shirt, ‘wrote Andrea, bars using liquid cream colored lips and waterproof to transform lips sticky bee nest.


And adding a decidedly feminine touch, a look featured a playful mixture of pigment pink with glitter added.


Andrea is not afraid to experiment with all the tools at your disposal, with a look to see their lengths of rope stick bright orange lips.


Many photos see her playing with her lips to your nails, like a black gold leaf and look, and a pair of lips tartan who saw their sporting claws an exact match.