Many of us have been concerned someday become bald because we see many hairs on our pillow, in the shower, in our comb and even in our hand when we go through our hair quiet! An average girl tends to lose up to 60 hairs a day.

But, if you feel your hair loss is too much, here I leave some mistakes that girls normally we make and that eventually we could leave bald spots, so that you can help or if you want, go directly to a specialist clinic.


Many girls are aware of the vices that hurt our bodies, but as we see it, because we do not care much Error! The most obvious consequences of them are in our beauty, in this case coffee, snuff and alcohol are major influencers of your hair loss.


A poor diet

Carrying an unhealthy diet, that is when we choose to eat junk food or too much sugar, it can be a major cause of losing hair because your foods are low in protein and vitamins and this lack is one of the main causes of deterioration and loss hair related.


Abusing heat

When I say “heat” I mean plates, dryers, tongs and Selena Gomez says dana much hair! Because when the heat from these appliances is concentrated in some area of your hair will cause a condition known as “bubble hair” that makes your hair to break and fall.


Take a bath with hot water

I know that is very rich swim with the warm water in the world, because it can take hours there doing nothing Be careful! Use hot water opens your pores and as water is going through your head, takes them slowly, that’s why you end up seeing a ball of hair in your shower when you bathe.


being enojona

Stress is not considered a cause of baldness, but many of us do not know is not a cause you to lose hair but it is great to accelerate the process of hair loss. I know that school or work can make you angry, but lives more relaxed, if you feel you can not lower your stress level try to do 30 minutes of daily exercise, yoga or learn to meditate.


Pull and damage hair

If you’re not careful when brushing can cause your hair and tailings from the root desprendas That hair is no longer recovers! Also, overtighten when you comb your hair is causing desprendas hair root.


Very often discolor

Because their chemicals affect the root of your hair. So you know, I desenrédalo gently, leave it slightly loose when you do not ringworm combs and hair so often.