Emma Watson hides feminist books to find in the London Underground!

Any girl interested in the feminist movement is an inspiration to Emma Watston, actress and goodwill ambassador for UN Women, which in recent years has shown interest in women ‘scauses and women ‘s rights.

Watson knows how exciting it is to read a good book, and thanks to his work in the international body, discovered various feminist readings that inspired the young actress to share with his followers, so he hid books by the London underground, waiting for someone the find and read.

It all started with an idea on Twitter

screenshot of twitter

In early 2016, I invited his 23 million followers on Twitter to join the project Our Shared Shelf (our shared shelf), feminist reading club chooses books on women ‘s empowerment and gender equality.

“As part of my work at the UN Women, I read the most books on gender equality as I can, and where I discovered too many interesting topics. So I decided to start a women’s club to share what I am learning and also hear the thoughts of other women. “

chongo girl reading book

British actress began sharing through your account Instagram titles of books on women ‘sempowerment as Mom & I & mother  of the writer Maya Angelou.

However, perhaps Emma did not think it was enough the idea of a club feminist reading or share on Instagram his book of the month, so he decided to give away their books in physical subway passengers in London.

He shared novels like Persepolis,  Marjane Satrapi, Hunger makes me a modern girl , Claire Brownstein, and my life on a journey of Gloria Steinem, and wrote notes by hand with passionate messages to incite reading the odd lucky to be found any of these books.

Emma, come and hide books!

books woman puts her finger in her mouth

A more than one would love to receive such a gift from Emma Watson, however, the only ones who will enjoy feminist readings of the English actress will subway passengers of London, although hopefully not stop making this brilliant dynamics during their next trips.