Emma Watson clothing used is more than just clothes, they’re environmentalists and have style!

Actress Emma Watson is one of the few but loyal celebrities who often use their fame to raise awareness in Hollywood on matters of social interest. In the case of this actress, 26, is dedicated to hard work on behalf of human rights as part of the United Nations Organization for Women.

And as in other occasions, besides dedicating to spread the message of feminism, Emma is also a faithful activist for ecology. So this time he surprised everyone when for an event HeForShe campaign boasted an outfit made by designers in favor of the environment.

Look at the outfit that surprised more than one for being so chic and ecologist; Emma chose one of the Zady brand.

The importance of dressing in clothing ecologist

blonde woman with blouse and skirt turtle and more people

Zady is a brand that in addition to carrying the chic style in their designs reminds us how important it is to follow trends while remaining friendly to the environment. This brand is responsible for making awareness through Bédat Maxine message, co-founder of the company Zady:

“The main function is to give the value Zady garments deserve; each dress, skirt or flannel is handmade by people working legally without being exploited, using textiles and products with one hundred percent sustainable. “

They look like an outfit simple but is much more than just that

blonde woman with blouse and skirt turtle

The need for people who create these garments are labor freedom is important, because the fashion industry is one of the largest employers of slave and child labor. And for this reason it is that Emma wears this brand and more independent designers who follow this concept of clothing pro-environment.

Watson is also part of the Green Carpet Challenge, an association of artists and designers who promote the sustainable production of the fashion industry, where the same actress introduced a couple of years his own clothing ago.

Recall Emma at the MET Gala 2016 with its eco dress

woman with black dress on red carpet

On that occasion, the actress wore a dress made of reused plastic bottles, which was created in collaboration with Calvin Klein and Eco-Age.

This dress was a true work of art of eco-friendly clothing, and even details like zippers were made with recycled materials and linings of cotton and silk organic farming, ie without any chemical by .

Emma Watson We all want to be big!

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Emma is certainly an example to follow, has not only proved his acting talent for 16 movies at age 26, has also shown his intelligence and passion for things that deserve attention; and it shows in each of his talks about women’s rights in HeForShe (him for it).