20 Photographs of Emilia Clarke and Kit Harington that went viral on the Internet

20 Photographs of Emilia Clarke and Kit Harington that went viral on the Internet

If you are a fan of Game of Thrones you will know that in this seventh season Daenerys Targaryen, also called Daenerys of the Storm, The Who does not Arde, Chain Breaker, Mother of Dragons and, more informally, Dany, legitimate heir to the throne of the seven kingdoms, finally meets Jon Snow, king of the North, and yes, the tension between them is driving us crazy.

We already want to see if this pair ends together and manage to defeat the King of the Night with his army of specters ; Meanwhile, reviewing on the web we have found a photo shoot of the cast of GOT made in 2012 by photographer Peggy Sirota for Rolling Stone, which happens between Emilia Clarke and Kit Harington will leave you with your mouth open.

1. Those unforgettable moments

2. Where you observe that the chemistry between them is enormous

3. You can see it, even feel it

4. Sirota asked them to kiss …

5. And they did it

6. The reality is that they are very good friends

7. Emilia recorded Kit pretending to be a dragon

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8. And before that he laughed at him for not being able to bend his knee

9. They went together to see The Chemical Brothers

10. They even got a photo with the musicians

11. Emilia takes photos of Kit unprepared

12. While Kit makes her laugh unintentionally


13. It seems that they agree to wear the same color

14. Always embrace each other in group photos

15. They look amazing together even if they are seated separately

16. They are so friendly that they never stop having fun

17. Even interpreting their characters

18. Kit admits Jon would marry Daenerys …

19. And after this scene

20. We want to see Jon kiss Daenerys

But the true owner of the heart of Jon and Kit is Rose Leslie who gives life to Ygrette in the series

‘Game of Thrones’ stars for Rolling Stone shoot Video.