Elephants are so empathetic to “watch” their dead even if they are not related

Elephants are so empathetic to "watch" their dead even if they are not related

The elephants have proven to be ultra sensitive animals and empathetic as for example refuse toleave behind family members suffering from any disease. But recently scientists have discovered that this extends beyond the nuclear family. In fact elephants “watch” their dead even if they are not related.

In 2003 Shifra Goldenberg a doctoral student at the University of Colorado, managed to capture incredible images of three different groups of elephants who recognized the remains of Queen Victoria, one elephant 55s who died in the Samburu National Reserve in Kenya.

“What the family was doing was interesting, but what they were doing who were not his relatives was also very important. You see research that make the cadaver . Younger walking around and smelling. It is amazing to see that level of fascination. His family was worried because he did not get up. But the larger population was also interested in his death . “

-Shifra Goldenberg for National Geographic magazine

One of the most amazing parts of the video is when Goldenberg explains that elephants leave their temporary secretion glands when they see the corpse of the dead elephant, which they do only in times of high stress and high emotions when they have .

As pointed out by the researcher, see this response elephants are not part of the family of Victoria, more than demonstrate that elephants do funerals or mourn the dead as we do,  shows the intense connection that elephants develop together.

Look further details of the investigation of Goldenberg in this amazing video: