Drinking alcohol can save your life scientifically proven!

Most of us like to party, have a couple of drinks and enjoy the company of our friends. However, we often hear that drinking alcohol is not good for our health and, in the long run, it will bring us many problems.

While all the excesses are bad, we have good news for you: prepare a Good Friday party because recent studies revealed that people who do not drink alcohol die much younger.

Drinking alcohol

Charles Holahan, a psychologist at the University of Austin Texas, conducted a 20-year study in which 1,824 people aged 55-65 participated. At the end, he came to the conclusion that people who drink regularly are less likely to die prematurely than those who do not. All this was published in a report in Time magazine.

According to the research, only 41% of people who use alcohol moderately died prematurely, compared to 69% of people who never or rarely used alcohol.

Drinking alcohol
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Unfortunately, not everything is happiness and good news; Drinking excess is associated with diseases such as cancer, cirrhosis and external factors such as car accidents. Therefore, it is advisable to know how to moderate and be responsible when it comes to drinking alcohol.

But what is the secret of alcohol? Well, this drink works as an ‘icebreaker’ social, according to Business Insider, and helps to interact more with people, causing a great impact on both physical and mental health. You know, if you do not want to die prematurely, call your friends and say health.