Donald Trump is basically a pervert, according to the latest allegations

Donald Trump is basically a pervert, according to the latest allegations

If all previous baggage of Donald Trump , his controversial statements and political positions, its racism and veiled misogyny or manifestos, and their complete ineptitude for a position as the President of the United States were not sufficient to significantly reduce its intention to vote, it seems their behavior in the private sector, especially aimed at women, can themselves do.

So that at least the major means of liberal tradition, US media have clung to this narrative in the final stretch of the presidential campaign, which could be reduced as follows: Donald Trump is a pervert.

This does not mean that the media, their journalists and editors responsible as any moderately reasonable which US fear the arrival of Trump at the White House are inventing news about it, but in any case they are going where they are this type of news, that when it comes to Trump, no sound at all far-fetched.

Words and actions

It all started with that video and audio in 2005, originally broadcast the Washington Post, in which you can listen to Trump speaking in confidence with an entertainment reporter about everything you would like to do to a young man who is going to interview including, inter alia, that allusion to take their private parts without consent, a phrase that already was among the most infamous of this unusual election campaign.

The spread of this audio was a big blow to the campaign Trump, but it was only the beginning.

In the second presidential debate with Republican candidate Hillary Clinton , Trump downplayed his words saying it was something like “a talk costume formen” (as if it were normal for men to flaunt fondling women without their consent) and that theirs were “words and no action , ” a defense that was also an attack on former president Bill Clinton and potential first gentleman, who has been accused of rape.

But to counter that of “words and no action,” since several women who accuse Donald Trump of misconduct and sexual harassment have emerged.

First there were some former contestants of Miss Universe , the beauty contest which Trump was owner, who revealed that Trump, taking advantage of his position, entered in the dressing rooms when the models were changing, just to look at them.

Statements now allowed reporters investigate and Trump himself with words of boasting about it in an interview with Howard Stern in 2005:

“I could go backstage before a show, when all were preparing and dressing.And there were no men anywhere, you know, but I was allowed access because I am the owner of the contest. Therefore, he was overseeing everything. And the models were there without clothes. I could see these incredibly attractive women. And nobody told me anything “

In addition to this, various means, including Buzzfeed , The New York Times and the magazine People have interviewed women who report sexual abuse different tone by Trump.

The report by The New York Times , which includes statements from two women who claim that Trump’s touched or kissed without their consent in public places (one on a plane, another in an elevator of the Trump Tower), was the most attention caught, after Trump, through his lawyer, qualify libelous note and demanded to recant newspaper.

The NYT also through its legal representative, said: “Many women who do not mention in our article have decided to make public their experiences with abusive behavior of Mr. Trump. Nothing that says our article had any effect on the reputation of Trump, this is the result of their own actions and their own words. ” Finally, he challenged Trump to appear in court if he considers false accusations.

Given all this, Trump now has no choice but to take his defensive position, accusing the press of conspiracy against him and shouting that all women who accuse him are a “horrible liars”, which it did in its most recent act in Florida.

Finally, the man who said of himself, “be a gentleman” in the second presidential debate, he suggested that one of the complainants was too ugly as he has tried to make inappropriate advances:

“Take a look. Mirenla. Look what it says. And they tell me if you believe. I do not think”