What if Donald J. Trump become President

Dawns in the cold, glorious, covered with smog, bright, new racially segregated United States of Donald J. Trump. It is difficult to believe that the president take only one year in the White House.  How many things to do in such a short period of time?  Basically all their election promises have come true in this successful first year, which began on everything high when, directly after taking office in February, he signed his fair and unanimously well received Act Trump about Press Freedom. All we are grateful ever since.
If we are honest, this was his manifest destiny. The President declared a few years ago that “if you cannot get rich trying to politicians, then something serious happens to you”. It was just one of his many phrases that have ended up becoming true prophecies, as all great men in history have had the power to shape the world in his image and likeness, instead of letting the world will mold them. The prevailing hair styles than four decades have not gone through that hair, nor notions as fainthearted as political correctness or the minimum respect for their rivals as human beings.

“Our great black president has not exactly had a positive impact on offenders who so happy and are so openly destroying Baltimore!”  Said his predecessor in office, Barack Obama, whom he discovered as a true liar even after this was forced to submit his birth certificate.  But even unborn anyone deceives Trump: “a certificate of life born is not the same, nor throwing all the imagination of the world, a birth certificate.”  Wise and intelligible words that zanjaron forever the important, vital debate about where was born our former commander in chief.
Some argued that Trump could hide some hidden racism in their attacks against Obama, but our leader made clear their position in a private confession “vagrancy is a feature of blacks. There is black counting my money! I hate it. “When his confidant issued that statement in a book, the president not only said it was probably true (he is not intimidated so easily by lesser men category), but had the grace to expand their vision of the issue of race in the United States: “the only kind of people I want to count my money are little guys with yam akas every day.”


Donald J. Trump

All this brings us to today’s society, where white heterosexual men are all rich, African Americans are forced to lie on the couch for a period of not less than seven hours, the only hands that is allowed to touch the money first social group must be experts in the cabal and the whole world behaves according to their racial stereotype but what about the foreign policy?

Our president had another revelation during his campaign: “I saw a report yesterday. There is so much oil around the world, who does not know where to throw it. And Saudi Arabia says: Oh, there’s a lot of oil. Do you think you are our friends?  “Such a deep understanding of the geopolitical scene and the international market oil was what led us to invade those false friends within three weeks of taking Trump office.” One of the main problems today it is that politics is a disgrace. Good people do not get the government “— Donald J. Trump .