Do you hate people who make noise when chewing? There are a couple of things you should know

If you’ve ever been about to bury a fork to the person next to you in the dining room of work or school because it keeps making noises while chewing, we have news for you. The first is that you have misophonia or phobia peculiar noises; the second is that, in addition to that condition, have high levels of creativity and hate those little noises are the price we must pay.

Recent research has now proven and can be more aware that the problem is yours and not just those who have no manners and chews noisily.

Misophonia is hatred toward sounds

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The term “misophonia” does not mean a hatred to all sounds , but to those who may go unnoticed by some but cause anxiety in others. Are noises that happen when someone chews fries or cereal, the sound of a click and even the breathing of someone else.

Sufferers of this diagnosis may even experience a pressure in his head and chest as well as muscle tension and hectic pulse.

If you hate that people make noises when chewing is a term for you

In the worst cases, people may be suffering fever, sweating, shortness of breath and even such a pain that causes an anxiety attack.

It is a unique selective sensitivity type of creative minds

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Nobody said being a genius is easy, and students from Northwestern University proved it thanks to a recent investigation in which it is found that the relatively faint sounds hypersensitive people tend to be more creative and intelligent.

According to the study, those most affected by sounds small tend to have higher scores on creativity tests than other people, for whom go unnoticed annoying noises.

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During the experiment he was interviewed 97 people and showed that the most creative were the ones who had less ability to filter (or ignore) the acoustic signals. And although there is still no treatment for the misophonia, there are different exercises for relaxation and cognitive behavioral therapy.

And you, chew noisily or you suffer from misophonia?

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