Do you eat the hair? Perhaps you are suffering from something called the “Rapunzel Syndrome”

Do you eat the hair? Perhaps you are suffering from something called the "Rapunzel Syndrome"

I’ve always thought that truth is stranger than fiction in every way, and a clear example of this is thetrichophagia or better known as the syndrome Rapunzel , do you wonder why is this? It is not a joke, is a psychiatric condition consisting of hair pulling either stress or mania. Although it sounds very strange, between 0.6% and 1.6% of the world population started his own hair but only 30% eats it , do you think really impossible? Here comes the most interesting.

The trichophagia or better known as the syndrome Rapunzel


Usually, people suffering from trichophagia the control as any other disorder; therapy, pills or other natural treatments. Should the affected areas on the scalp are many, can always access specialists aesthetics so not a serious problem for the person.

On the other hand, the 30% that not only the hair is started but it also eats, presents other complications


1% of these people require surgery emergency because of the “hairball” that form in the intestine.Among the most emblematic cases of the disorder, he is the one of a 38 – year-old who had to be operated to extract the stomach a hairball of 15 cm by 10 cm.

According to studies women are 70% more Rapunzel syndrome than men


So guys, if they feel identified with this post, better call the doctor. Do not go unless they have a hairball stuck out there

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Taylor Swift returned to the stage and performed a song from his ex, Calvin Harris

By Juan David Montes

Throughout the year Taylor Swift has been involved with various celebrities in a long history of brawls.From Katy Perry (his eternal rival) to Kim Kardashian, Kanye West and her former boyfriend Calvin Harris made public his disagreements with the singer. When it seemed that the issue with Calvin had been in the past, Taylor decided to play live This Is What You Came for , the song she wrote for the Scottish DJ .

The single was released by Calvin this year and how much collaboration with Rihanna:

After the relationship between Calvin and Taylor came to an end, the singer revealed that she had written the song using the pseudonym ‘Nils Sjoberg’ .

Months after this matter, the singer ignited the controversy when interpreting the song during his presentation at a Formula 1 event in Austin, Texas, last weekend.

According ! E , Taylor said the following about this song:

“As a composer, the most rewarding feeling in the world is writing something and a crowd sing. I had never played this song live, but if the know they can sing so you know how they feel with this song. “

What’s your opinion about it?