Did you know that families who eat and cook together are happier than average?

Did you know that families who eat and cook together are happier than average?

Today we live so busy that we often forget to give us a time for simple things of life. For everyday moments, those quiet moments when nothing is more urgent than being there … Like eating and cooking family. And it is to share with our loved ones is not only pleasant, but also brings great benefits, both physically and mentally.

In fact, science ensures that families who eat together are more united and happy than the average:

A study by the California Childcare Health Program  maintains that this practice helps children long after the meal is over. We’re not just talking about eating habits, but also emotional health: these children are more likely to be emotionally happy and have good relationships with their peers. Over time, they are children who work harder in school, have better communication with their parents and enjoy these close family ties.


Meanwhile a study by Columbia University showed that eating family strengthens family ties , because it becomes the perfect instance to share and join more with your loved ones. 71% of respondents said it is the perfect time to talk, catch up or just enjoy their company.


Cooking also plays a key role in this complicity. It is time to tell stories, share experiences and learn new things. An opportunity to strengthen ties and create a support network very important for the health and stability of the family. In fact, according to a survey by HelloFresh ,  the kitchen can be considered even as a therapeutic activity.


Did we convinced?

We invite you to watch this video Gourmet leaving us to reflect on the importance of being a family:

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