Stop at Naya Rivera for domestic violence; the exestrella ‘Glee’ is sued by her husband

This weekend in Kanawha county in West Virginia, united States, actress and exintegrante of the american series Glee, Naya Rivera, was arrested on the charge of domestic abuse against her partner and father of her child.

The city police shared the information through a tweet where you added the photo of the singer and actress. Until the moment the only thing that is known is that it was a supposed fight for his two year old son, Josey Hollis. The followers of Naya we want that not to be true, but your partner, and plaintiff claims to have video proof of the alleged assaults.

Naya faces justice for the physical assault and psychological

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Ryan Dorsey 32 years, and Naya Rivera, 30, were married in 2014 and were divorced two years later. Last October the couple resumed their relationship, but on the evening of Saturday, November 25, Naya was arrested after a family walk.

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Dorsey filed a lawsuit against his former wife for time to deliver severe blows to the head and cause a wound on the lower lip. Presented as evidence of an alleged video where they checked the assault of Rivera.

For the moment, the remembered Santana Lopez of Glee has been released thanks to the payment of a bail of one thousand dollars, and is awaiting the date of his judgment.

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The local reporter Kalea Gunderson shared on Twitter a video where it appears the actress handcuffed while the judge reads the charges he faces, such that Naya answered affirmatively.