couples who train together have better sex. Experts say it

couples who train together have better sex. Experts say it

There are several benefits of exercise. Of course the most important is to stay healthy but there are other quite relevant, since exercise also makes us happier people and improves our sex life . And that corroborates Dr. Jennifer Landa who says that couples who train together have better sex .

In short, if you start to train with your boyfriend, you not only get better sex life but also can lose those extra pounds that all got when we are happy in a relationship.

The personal trainer Hugh Hanley told Cosmopolitan that improved sex life is due to release endorphins with your boyfriend is a good experience that can even activate the spark in the relationship.”Better sex, more confidence, a sexy body (for both) that sounds good”.

According to Dr. Jennifer Landa’s, there is a proven link between exercise and sex connection: “When you exercise the brain releases endorphins that simulate the release of hormones that occurs with sex”.

And that is why the physical conditions of exercise make your sex life better and if you do a couple, even more since both would benefit with it.

sexual benefits of fitness activity

The doctor also tells about the benefits that some sports activities such as cardio and yoga delivered to your relationship in the sexual sphere.

Cardio: Cardio exercise like running or jogging makes your blood flow to the right places. Participate with your partner in these activities and see how your desire is doubled.


Yoga: Yoga benefits in sex are several. His practice is ancient and several tantra are used to stimulate sexual arousal. “Yoga can do wonders for your sex life, not to mention improve your flexibility to try new positions with your boyfriend , ” says the doctor.


Besides physical activities increase self-esteem, improve your weight and give you more energy that is absolutely necessary for a healthy libido.

You know that so … what are you waiting to get to train with your better half?