Confirmed! Yes there will be another movie ‘Twilight’ and soon we will see

2008 was the year when the wolves and vampires seized the large and clear display, the heart of everyone. The saga of Twilight , also known as Twilight , came to become one of our favorite movies of all time. And how can I not be if has super sexy men and a love story that all we want to live?

After a long time and after many rumors that there was a small chance that Twilight return to the big screen with a new story, producers have confirmed that yes there will be sequel!

Protagonists of the Twilight

Although the news has us very excited, everything is so perfect; still it has not been able to confirm the participation of Kristen Stewart and feared not accept reinterpret the role of Bella Swan because he was previously asked about his character and replied: “I prefer not to refer on that issue.”

Fortunately our favorite vampire has said he would love to play the sexy Edward Cullen again.Just need to know what you think about Taylor Lautner return to personify Jacob Black.

Twilight movie scene

Not yet have details about the story, nor has confirmed release date; much less if all previous characters involved in it. What is a fact is that die of desire to return to see the entire cast together again!