Confirmed! Sex and the City will have a third film

Stylish glamorous life, successes and failures of love, and fashion, are the issues with which we love the incredible story of Sex and the City since 1988, and since then remains undoubtedly the favorite of many women around of the world.

Attention fanatics, because our favorite girls are back. The site Radar Online confirmed what many were expecting: after six years, Miranda, Samantha, Charlotte and our beloved fashion icon Carrie Bradsaw return in a third installment of the hit movie Sex and the City .

The wait finally ended

According to a source close to the actresses, everyone agrees to participate in this new film, except Sarah Jessica Parker!

“All are officially confirmed for the third film Sex and the City . The deal is done and the script has been approved by all ”

Although there were rumors that Parker would not participate

It is said that Parker, 51, does not have a large participation in the project because of problems with the script.

“Sarah Jessica Parker was originally not going to participate because she did not agree with the idea that the characters would show up at a more mature stage.”

Fortunately, the script has been modified

In order to please her and finally accept to return to the big screen, some changes were made to the script.

“There ‘s green light for Sex and the City 3 . Everyone is happy about how things turned out and they can not wait to start working together again ”

Filming begins in summer of 2017