Colombian paraplegic after a terrible accident. Swimming did for him a miracle

Colombian paraplegic after a terrible accident. Swimming did for him a miracle

Juan Sebastian Manrique is a Colombian who had a terrible accident that left him with a spastic paraplegia, which took more than seven months in hospital and did depend from that moment on a wheelchair . Juan Sebastian Manrique did not understand why it had happened to her, but eventually realized that everything that happens is for a purpose and set out to investigate what was his.

He decided to go to Japan, where they caught more attention than normal pool and thought he had found the answer to your question.He realized that being in the water eased the pain in his back product of the accident and was encouraged to enter an exclusive sports center for people with disabilities.

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There he began to dabble in sports for disabled people, even got to play wheelchair tennis but realized that nothing more motivating than water.

After the invitation of a teacher, Juan Sebastian Manrique was encouraged to start training and so a couple of months later he was participating in his first competition. There he won his first gold and realized that swimming was what fascinated.

With the help of his mother, Juan decided to return to Colombia and joined the Aquatic Complex Bogota. His specialty was always the butterfly style that was very fast, but Juan Manrique that was always the slowest of his colleagues at first.

However, with effort and perseverance he was exceeded and reached the post the first butterfly swimmer in Bogota and third in combined style throughout Colombia.

Now, Juan Sebastián dream big and be expected sometime Paralympic champion.

“I wish I had a story to tell when I’m old and I think there is no better story than being the best at something”

Juan Sebastian Manrique-

His desire say they will not give up to achieve its goals, it hopes to achieve through the continued support of his family and the desire that his son proud.

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