Checked: broken heart is cured with paracetamol

The broken heart is not just a metaphor. The body can really feel pain in a situation as stressful and painful as this. The central nervous system and the adrenaline released, “attack” directly to the heart and stomach, causing great physical discomfort or pain.


The feeling of having a broken heart can be translated in different ways: the brain is responsible for notifying, through the vagus nerve, the heart and stomach; The muscles of our digestive system shrink and cause a vacuum in the back of the stomach; The airways become shorter and make breathing almost impossible, and the heart rate slows to the degree that it feels as if it has broken.



The same hormones that produce some of the most important sensations of human beings are indirectly responsible for their great regrets. Oxytocin, dopamine or serotonin (hormones of love, creativity and happiness) disappear after separation and the body is the victim of a chemical reaction that causes it to suffer.

Nathan dewfall, a psychologist at the University of Kentucky, USA, sought to investigate whether this pain could be treated with real medicine and concluded that acetaminophen, better known as paracetamol, can reduce the physical and neuronal response associated with social rejection. In the study, those taking the compound had less brain activity related to pain.



However, while asserting that the human brain does not distinguish between physical and emotional pain, researchers do not recommend that medicine to relieve the pain of the soul, because of the detrimental effects that can occur if it is consumed in excess.