Cats are much healthier when you do work for their food, for example puzzle

Cats are much healthier when you do work for their food, for example puzzle

The lifestyle that brings today ‘s society is very aggressive and stressful, more and more people live in cities and are less spaces for recreation. Humans are not the only ones who suffer the consequences, so do their pets. For example , large breed dogs have been changed by small and cats living in buildings fail to develop the agility to climb a tree and, consequently, not strengthen their little claws.


Unlike dogs, cats can not be walked on a leash to make their “needs”. They need climbing, running and stretching, otherwise begin to get sick of all evil that exists.


The amount of cats suffering from stress and obesity for not having the opportunity to live in the right mood for nature has increased considerably, so that several experts have proposed reverse the situation with some very simple tools.

A study by the University of California in the United States, have revealed the benefits-puzzle boxes of cat food.


With this new puzzle that is used as food box, the cat must manage to get the food and can spend several minutes playing and eating at the same time.


Through this activity, they can exercise your muscles, mental agility while reducing the amount of food. The little movement having some cats boredom and stress causes them ending reflected in anxiety, ie they are become obese.

Experts expect that the owners of cats, under these conditions, aware and use this and other tools of therapy to help their pets to have a better quality of life.

You know, if the kitten is chubby have to buy one of these puzzles.